Cloud Computing Solutions

Advance-Cloud Computing Solutions We are introducing DevOps Technology in our organization for joining the versatility of cloud and effective development , deployment and delivery with best quality as per the clients needs and requirements and providing them the best output for their pace of business.

Advance-Cloud Computing Solutions
What we do?

We provide cloud platform services like Azure, AWS , Google Cloud platform and follow SaaS Model.


Create state-of-the-art technical architectures with automation to support complex delivery across a wide range of digital and enterprise applications.

Advise and deliver

Harness open source, enterprise and public cloud technologies and leverage the development platform to deliver best-of-breed Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery solutions to enable clients to innovate more quickly and effectively

Technical Benefits

• Continuous software delivery
• Less complexity to manage
• Faster resolution of problems

Cultural Benefits

• Happier, more productive teams
• Higher employee engagement
• Greater professional development opportunities

Business Benefits

• Faster delivery of features
• More stable operating environments
• Improved communication and collaboration
• More time to innovate (rather than fix/maintain)

Promotes agility in your business

It’s no secret that making your business agile can help you to stay ahead in the market. Thanks to DevOps, it is now possible to obtain the scalability required to transform the business.



We Use following tools for the Application Development Procedures :

DevOps tools ensure transparency, automation, and collaboration stay at the forefront of your value stream. These tools facilitate ways for effective sharing and exchange of information and technical know-how between all stakeholders be it development, operations, security or business teams for effective product output. GitHUB : GitHUB is used to handles the different versions of the code.

  GitHUB : GitHUB is used to handles the different versions of the code.

Continous Intergration(CI)/ Continous Delivery(CD) TOOLS :

  Jenkins : Jenkins is used to compile, validate code , review, unit testing, integration testing.

  Maven : Maven is used for deploy and build the app to test the servers.

  Dockers/ Chef/ Ansible/ Kubernet : Dockers/ Chef/ Ansible/ Kubernet is used for deploying the application on the production server for release.