Advance-Queue Management System

Advance- Queue Management System can automatically place
a customer/patient/person in the best possible line.

Advance-Queue Management System
Useful Project Features

This automated workflow takes the manual work of managing the queue. Advance-QMS can be Used in Hospitals, Banks, Restaurants, etc.


Automatically creates Customer’s Database , Requests, Makes Appointment, Dispatch the Coupon and Dispatch The Barcode

IOT Integration

More precision to create a quality customer experience and hence forth accurate data collection is made with Real Time Analysis.

Android Application TV Display

Advance-QMS Android App can also run on TV.

Browser Base TV Display

Dynamic TV Display which is based on browser.

Doctor’s Call

Accepts Request, Make Patients Call, Overview The Patients List, Gives Consultation. Reduce the precious time of the doctors as well as patients for time consuming data entry

Appointment Management

Significant reduction in the time consumed to make appointments and day to day operations and making the prior appointments to schedule the Doctor’s Visit.



Advance-QMS is a system designed to support Hospitals, Banks , Restaurant or any other place where a large amount of customers/people wait in Queues

Advance-QMS is people centric, with focus on data analysis and workflow and features to meet regulatory requirements.

  Making the prior appointments to scheduling the Doctor’s Visit.

  Collecting Coupon.

  Waiting for Turn.

  Visiting the Doctor as coupon number comes.